A cafe with European & Bhutanese roots
good food - great ambiance
Shop 1, Newton Village, 299 Montacute Road, Newton, SA 5074
0451 783 72
09:00 – till late
About Us
We highly value our menu created by our Chef with 10 years of heavy drinking behind him. Everything tastes like your favourite home cooking! We've got crepes, pelmeni, momo and handmade desserts.
To start the fun we have the infinite wine, beer and spirit list! Add to that our delicious finger food variety of housemade momo, pizzas and other starters on offer.
Chefs Specials
Caramelised apple
Mixed Berries
Our Family
The smartest people work every day to provide the best service and make our clients happy
Big Boss
Comrade Egor
Main alcoholic,
bully and parasite
Sonam Phintsho
Drinking Companion
Our Partners
Contact Us
K05, Newton Village, 299 Montacute Road, Newton, SA 5074
Open every day 09:00 - till late
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