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About the cafe
Hi! - Privet!
We are a cafe with the Russian cuisine. No, don't be scared, our food is not made with vodka. We have only favorites like Borsh, Russian Pelmeni, Crepes and lots of other different things - our honey cake is to die for! We promise you're going to leave the table happy and joyful, having experienced our unique cuisine.
Where we are at:
8-10 Jetty Road, Glenelg SA

Working hours:
wed-sun, 08:00 − till late

Delivery hours:

wed-sun, 08:00 − till late
Book a table over the phone: +61 406 823 465
Or leave your phone umber and we'll call you back!
Russian original cuisine
We highly value our menu with the Chef with 10 years of heavy drinking behind him. Everything tastes like your favorite home cooking! We've got national soups, pelmeni, vareniki and shashliki.
As for the fun we've got the infinite wine and beer list, and to them there's a world of snacks, pickles and Russian teas on offer.
Our Family
We greet, sing songs and telling jokes
  • Tashi
    Big Boss
  • Chef Boris(Egor)
    Main alcoholic,
    bully and parasite
  • Sonam Phintsho
    Drinking Companion
  • Zangpo
    Head of Security Department
  • Kuenga
    Marketing Director
  • Dechen
    Marketing Director
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Delivery service
We'll bring your favorite food straight from the oven to your table within 30 minutes.*

8-10 Jetty Road, Glenelg SA
Phone: +61 406 823 465
wed - sun 08:00 - till late
Our projects
Bring your own cup
Come with your own mug and get the discount of 50 c on coffee and tea.
together with blue mountains
Blue Mountains
& Tourism Association
We help the development of tourism in our region.
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