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Our favourite dish that inevitably causes memories of childhood. Crepes are good by itself, we selected some nourishing options for you, the main thing is not to be overzealous in your order, otherwise you won't get out of the door!
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Sweet crepes
All sweet crepes are served with ice cream or freshly whipped cream. We recommend to take drinks with crepes, as we say in Russia, otherwise, your bum cheeks will stick together!
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The recipes time on honoured and vegetarian-approved apart from meat options. Soups are served with sour cream and crispy sourdough bread.
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Homemade khinkali, pelmeni and Vareniki
Pelmeni and Vareniki are traditional Russian dishes. Stuffing is wrapped in a dough piece, and then boiled or steamed. The dish is very nourishing: a portion of 12 pieces is enough for a full-fledged appetite.
Prepared with a special recipe with the addition of herbs and spices, recommended by our Babushka. All served with homemade sauces that been made with love.
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Signature menu
From Vladivostok with love from all of Russia. The dishes are of special pride. Their recipes pass in our family from father to son.
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Kids menu
Small portions of adult dishes will please your child. They'll eat greedily so that the spoon will sparkle like a lightning.
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We make coffee in the Italian coffee machine, if you bring your own mug we will give a discount, as we a part of responsible cafe movement!
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Malted Milkshake
Nourishing milkshakes will restore your strength after the training or will give a sustain energy though your bush walk.
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Cold drinks
From water and Cola to ginger ale. Cold drinks for hot days.
We have a selection of locally made soft drinks
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We specialise in teas, Vladivostok has been renowned for its tea culture. We offer a selection of quality leaf teas from Russia and locally sourced.
An afternoon tea, and a slice of cake is a must do, whilst people watching on Glenelg street!
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